Finally, an EV Charging Solution Designed for Strata Buildings, Short Term Rentals and Car Parks

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A Serious Problem

Current EV Charging solutions don't work for Strata buildings.

Expensive Infrastructure
Expensive to Buy & Install

Installing traditional EV chargers can often exceed $7,000 in costs, not accounting for the necessary feasibility studies to ensure the building's compatibility with the charging system.

Unreliable & Costly to Replace When Worn Out

EV chargers don't last forever. As they age or become superseded, repairs can become expensive or even impossible, leading to the need for replacement.

Grid Upgrades
Electrical Grid Upgrades

Significant upgrades to the electrical grid may be required to support higher power demands. These enhancements are costly, time-consuming, and often may not even be feasible.


Dialing down fast chargers due to building power limitations is wasteful and inefficient. This is generally unavoidable due to the high power requirements.


Reliable, compact charging solution

chevron-up chevron-down plug (1) A SmartPoint in every parking spot.

Start with one SmartPoint and add more when necessary. This method is simple and adjusts easily to meet growing needs.

chevron-up chevron-down smile (1) Stress-free Charging

On average, Australian EV drivers travel 38km each day. A standard portable charger, offering 12-20km per hour, requires just 3 hours to top up daily travel needs. Think of EV charging like plugging in your phone overnight—it's that easy

chevron-up chevron-down comment-dollar (2) Get 7x more charge points for the same price

SmartPoint is just $299 each, allowing you to install up to 7x more charge points compared to a Level 2 charger.

Alchemy Charge - Strata Charging

Simply Smart

chevron-up chevron-down screwdriver (1) Installable by any electrician

SmartPoint is pre-set and tested before it's sent out, making installation as simple as replacing or installing a new powerpoint, it can be done by any licensed electrician.

chevron-up chevron-down cogs (1) Hassle-Free Warranty & No Maintenance

SmartPoint is maintenance-free and comes with a warranty for the entire period you are our customer.

chevron-up chevron-down sitemap Scalable Solutions

Start with one SmartPoint and expand your system as your needs grow. Our flexible design allows you to add more SmartPoints effortlessly, ensuring your infrastructure scales with your demands.

Complete Solution
chevron-up chevron-down mobile-alt (1) Access Anywhere, Web and Mobile Apps

Users can connect to the Alchemy Charge network through our web application or by using our dedicated apps for Apple iOS and Android.

chevron-up chevron-down comment-dollar (2) Streamlined Payments, Billing, and Reimbursements

Alchemy Charge automatically handles all transactions, payments, and monthly reimbursements.

chevron-up chevron-down smile (1) Easy to Manage

Hosts can access a user-friendly dashboard to view real-time data, adjust tariffs, and review transaction history.

Finally, an EV Charging Solution Designed for Strata Buildings



At just $299 including GST, SmartPoint offers an economical way to deliver EV charging solutions to those who need it most, with no ongoing cost to the host.


Cheap To Install

Avoid costly electrical upgrades, SmartPoint can be as simple to install as a standard powerpoint as it only uses 10amp.


Warranty & Maintenance

Standard EV Chargers are notorious for breaking down and are costly to repair. SmartPoint is maintenance-free and comes with a warranty for the entire period you are our customer.



Users pay for usage at the rate you set, plus our 10 cents per kWh commission, with funds going back to the host monthly.


Highly Compatible

Users plug in their own portable charger the vehicle came with ensuring future compatibility unlike current AC/DC Chargers needing adaptors and modifications.



Hosts are given access to an easy-to-use portal, while users can conveniently access devices on our network through the Alchemy Charge web app, iOS, or Google app.


How It Works

Alchemy Charge - Schneider SmartPoint

Step 1

Buy SmartPoint for $299 Each. Buy as many as you need.

Alchemy Charge Industrial Installation

Step 2


Get SmartPoint installed by any licensed electrician as SmartPoint is preconfigured.

Alchemy Charge Charging

Step 3


Users plug in, charge and pay at the rate you set plus our 10 cents per kWh commission.

Earn (1)

Step 4


Monthly reimbursements back to the owners corporation bank account.



I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Alchemy Charge for providing free kerbside charging at their Brookvale facility. The process is simple to use and incredibly reliable, making it a seamless experience every time. I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing many more charging stations being installed around the area. This initiative not only demonstrates Alchemy Charge's commitment to customer satisfaction but also their dedication to promoting sustainable energy solutions. Thank you, Alchemy Charge, for leading by example and making a positive impact in our community.

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